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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

I thought about the wrong direction in which I was headed, and turned around and came running back to you. Psalm

119:60 Living Bible (TLB)

Today's highest UV rating: 3 (Students are to wear their hats if UV is higher than 6)

01 All students - change of timetable

Today we are running on a Monday A timetable. Please attend the classes that you would normally attend on a Monday A.

Mr Downsborough

02 Year 9 students - camp update

Students, please remember to return your completed camp forms to Student Reception by the due deadline, which is this

Friday 28 July.

If you:

1) haven't put your name down for an activity group or dorm as yet

2) are not going on this camp

3) need another copy of the camp information

please pop in and see Mrs Antram in the Student Services Office today. Mrs Del Frate

03 Group/Team Photo Day Tomorrow

Group/Team photo day will take place Tomorrow.

(Connect Teacher please read all lists below)

Recess (11.05am)

Please ask students in the following teams to go straight to the Auditorium at the start of recess:

Talented Young Writers’ Program

Y11 and Y12 Mock Trial Teams

The students in these teams will be provided with an extended recess.

Period 3 (11.25am)

All students in these teams are asked to head straight to the Auditorium at the beginning of the period (attendance will be

taken in the Auditorium before any photos are taken):


Y9/10 Future Problem Solving Teams

Y7/8/9/10 Da Vinci Decathlon Teams

Y9/10/11/12 OzClo Teams

Any Y7 to 11 student who missed an individual photo on our previous photo day

Period 4 (12.30pm) - All Student Council members (including Head Boy/Head Girl)

All Student Councillors/Captains/HB/HG are asked to head straight to the Auditorium at the beginning of the period.

Attendance will be taken in the Auditorium. The Whole Student Council photo will be taken after the House photos and

these students will be given a lunch extension should these photos extend into lunchtime.

Period 5 (2.10pm) – Y12 students (wearing blazers)

Y12 students are asked to head straight to subject classrooms as normal. Once attendance has been taken, teachers will

bring Y12 students to the Auditorium.

***Special messageONLY for Mr Grullis Period 5 PE class* All students in Mr Grullis’ class, please go straight to the

Auditorium at the start of Period 5. Do not go to the Sports Centre. Mr Grullis will meet you in the Auditorium***

04 Guitar storage - all guitar students

Please note that all guitars are to be carefully stored in the allocated places in the Tutor Rooms. Any guitars left lying in the

passage or door entry will be taken away and placed in a safe place in the Music Office. Mrs van der Nest

Tuesday, 25 July 2017
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