In the Primary School, class teachers ensure that children receive age appropriate nurturing, support and guidance. The Primary School Pastoral Care is overseen by the Deans of Primary, who are dedicated to the safety and well-being of all Primary students.


Primary staff strive to ensure that each child is provided with opportunities for social, educational and emotional development in a warm and positive environment. Other staff who provide for the well-being of Primary Children include; Primary Chaplains, Primary Team Leaders, Community Nurse and other Health professionals.

A ‘buddy system’ is a successful feature of the LJBC Primary School, with Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 students partnered with Early Years students, joining together for positive experiences such as Christmas and Easter activities, Mothers and Fathers Day stalls, and assisting in small groups for activities such as language groups.

The Primary School mascots, LJ the Lion and BC the Bear, provide a positive role model and warmly welcomes children back to school and attend assemblies and special events. LJ the Lion is also the face of the Primary School’s anti-bullying strategy.

The Primary School encourages and recognises student achievement and personal effort across a wide range of activities. Awards, medals and certificates celebrating excellence, high achievement and endeavour are presented to students at assemblies and at Presentation Evenings.

Merit stickers, face to face and email contact and notes to celebrate achievement, as well as the House token system and reward lunches provide encouragement and positive feedback for student achievement and behaviour.

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