Student Notices

Monday, 17 June 2019

Even you who are bad know how to give good things to your children. So surely your heavenly Father knows how to

give the Holy Spirit to the people who ask him.”

Luke 11:13 ERV

Today's highest UV rating: 2 (Students are to wear their hats if UV is higher than 6)

01 CAS Round 5

CAS Round 5 V Irene McCormack.

Senior teams play Tuesday; Boys home, Girls away.

Junior Teams Wednesday Year 8 and 9 Home, Year 7's Away.

AWAY teams ONLY meet students managers at the Sport Center at the start of Lunchtime to change into uniforms.

Mr Clift

02 Colours Years 10 to 12

The next round of Colours Applications closes on Friday, 28 June. Please contact a member of the Awards Committee to

assist you with your application. This is the last opportunity for Year 12 students to apply for Colours.

Mrs Carruthers

03 Year 8 Wii Games Round 3: Lancier vs Batavia

Your match is on today at Lunchtime in the Library. Please be prompt so that games can get underway as soon as

possible. All the best!

Mr Sampson

04 Ignite Youth

This week is a cluster week. Chat, eat, game and play sports with your favourite people.

Cost: $3 for supper When: 6:30-9PM Where: Church Hall

Ignite Team

05 ACC Basketball All Stars

Player nominations for the ACC All Stars Basketball teams (boys and girls) are now open to all ACC school students.

See Mr Clift for more details.

Friday, 14 June 2019